How to use OneDrive for business

Onedrive for business is Microsoft’s new-generation network storage and sharing tool. OneDrive works seamlessly with Office 365 to save and share your files wherever you are.

一,How to upload files

1. Login

2.Login Sodexo Mailbox


4.Upload—Selcet the file you need to upload –Open

Save in the office application

Word –File –Save as –OneDrive Sodexo(Company Name)–Browse—Save

二,How to manage files & create folders and manage folders

1.OneDrive –Select File — Select the appropriate action

2.OneDrive –New –Folder –Create a Folder Name –Create –Select folder –Select the appropriate action

三,How to share files

Select Files –Share (three ways)

PS:How to manage files & create folders and manage folders

Share –Select the mail address you want to share(Only sodexo mail address)–Send

Stop and change sharing

If you are the owner of a file or have edit rights, you can stop or change the share permissions.

Select shared file –Click shared –Change to only view or stop sharing